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A live recording plus a studio track sure to incite a frenzy among listeners with its eclectic, alternative, and twisted lyrics that brings a masterful confidence to the music arena, all filmed and available on DVD.

The crowd gathers, the beer flows and music starts pounding in Greenwich Village, NYC.  The Afro Nick tunes his guitars and hooks his pedals in preparation for the night.  Like nights before he chases the ultimate high for all musicians -- to simply play.   His album “Make It” is a formidable force in music.  Every song has a story and every musician has theirs.  For The Afro Nick, his life is within his music.  He raises the creative bar with his effervescent fervor, the tight rhythm section, and the Motown backing vocalists.

While treading through the dark and dank recesses of New York City Subways system, he wrote “Sunny” hoping to flirt with his past and channel images of better days.  “Make It,” the album’s title track is a punching guitar riff-driven song with surging soulful choruses flavored with moments of indie-rock funk.  It incites the listener to push through their invisible constraints and hold up their clubs yelling their liberation.  It’s a battle hymn..... On a softer note “Dream,” a beautiful lullaby, cocoons the listeners in an acoustic kaleidoscope.

Ultimately it’s music in its simplicity and purity that inspires us.  “Don’t Waste My Time” is a crooning lyric with universal appeal and explosive participation.